Global Lobby For Humanity

     "Within the immense range of possibilities for the human race both for good and evil, one idea may become increasingly appealing and hopeful. With a new century -- a prelude to a new millennium -- it may become desireable and possible to experience an "enlightenment" for the entire human family, and lay aside the burdens of past historical wrongs among all peoples and achieve the maturity to forgive past mutual cruelties, injustices and antagonisms -- and manifest the wisdom to forget them!"¹
     The Global Lobby for Humanity is devoted to the creation and preservation of an hospitible global environment for present and future generations of humanity.
     "The past is gone. We are powerless to alter it. Why should we remain slaves to its tyranny? The future is another matter. It is an open field of possibility. With forgiveness and forgetting, humanity can usher in the dawn of hope for all of earth's peoples. Such a change of mind, heart, and will could give rise to a universal ethical code honored and respected by all. Such a development could make "Earthlings" truly ready for contact with other worlds. While there is such hope, there is life."¹

     ¹Howard F. Didsbury, Jr., ed. FRONTIERS OF THE 21ST CENTURY: Prelude to the New Millennium (World Future Society, 1999) xix.

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